Hazzem Immigration


US Passport Issuing Requirements

Required documents and information:

A copy of the applicant's passport, valid for at least 6 months.

A personal image with a white background, size (5 * 5).

The original parents’ marriage certificate.

Social Security Number.

Original divorce certificate(s) if one of the parents has been married before.

Proof of US citizenship such as US passports, certificates of naturalization, birth certificates from the United States or a consular report certificate of birth abroad.

A copy of the American passport (of the mother or father).

Proof of physical presence for five years in the United States, only if one of the parents is a US citizen.

A copy of the personal ID of both parents.


If the applicant is a child

Both parents and child must be present at the appointment. If a parent is not present at the time of the interview, one of the following is required for the passport application:

A DS-3053 Approved and Notarized Form.

Attached personal image of the parent (who will not be present at the time of the interview).

Child guardianship court decree for the applicant parent in case of divorce.

An original death certificate of deceased parent with its translation, if not issued in English